Monday, 27 June 2011

New buildings...

Just got these is the post today from Dark House Games! They are a very simple construction, kind of 'click & snap' and require little or no work - they are a bit flimsy without a dab of glue. They are very plain (two colour plastic) and need a paint job but to be honest you could probably use them as is. I picked up these two to check them out and I must say I am pretty happy with them. They are ideal for most modern periods and a reasonable scale to match 28mm miniatures.
'Hanger' and 'Cathedral'.

Close up of the 'Cathedral' - makes a very nice small church.

The 'Hanger'. Leutnant Dreher and Jäger Krause secure the perimeter...

There is quite a selection of these and the prices are very reasonable for what is in effect an immediately useable building. I have seen several of these used by other Zombie wargame bloggers so many thanks to you!

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shintokamikaze said...

they look cool,i checked out their site, i love the Trailer Park ill have to order that