Sunday, 23 October 2016

The Walking Dead - 28mm style.

With the latest series about to start.

Seems everyone has a Walking Dead model these days...

Models by Mantic, Hasslefree, Studio Minaitures

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Z War One - Lockdown.

Played a game of Robafetts recent acquisition "Z War One" a zombie survival boardgame.

From the producers website -

"Z War One is the world's first episodic, comic book board game. It blends classic survival horror & RPG themes with intense tactical combat & an epic comic book narrative, to provide a cinematic & truly unique gaming experience."

Rob had already played one game and has managed to paint up all the miniatures for the game. We played the second scenario in the comic book, where our heroes have to secure a rescue depot by powering up the generator and putting the doors on lockdown. The problem is that the place is already swarming with Z's and the generator requires fuel, inconveniently located in a far room on the second floor. The heroes need to battle through the Z's, obtain the fuel and secure the generator and security rooms.

We join our heroes (Cole Carter, Victor Dixon, Katrina Petrov and Dr. Sam Morgan) as they enter the building. As they enter, slow shuffling and groans can be heard from deep inside.

Victor immediately forgets the main objective and decides to start searching rooms. He is soon to regret this...

Further along the corridor an open shutter allows Z's to crawl into the building.

Victor opens the door and is confronted with three shambling Z's inside!

He makes short work of them with his shotgun...but ammo is scarce in this game.

Meanwhile, Katrina, Sam and Cole make their way down the main corridor, slow and steady, covering all approaches.

Suddenly, from around the corner ahead of them, a small group of Z's move (surprisingly) quickly towards them!

In the dense confines of the corridor, they soon take care care of the issue, wiping the Z's out, leaving only one (oddly one of many in a Southend United kit) writhing on the floor...

Another two Z's appear but our heroes are ready.

Attracted by the noise (maybe?) another group of Z's on the upper level make their way slowly to the stairs...

Katrina, Cole and Sam continue to methodically make their way towards the stairwell at the end of the corridor, dealing with any Z's on the way.

As they approach, the Z's from upstairs finally begin to arrive on the lower level...

Meanwhile, Victor has become distracted with his searching and dealing with the occasional 'roamer' back near the entrance. At least his search turns up a sledgehammer!

He then sprints up the corridor to join his colleagues who have just hit a snag at the bottom of the stairwell!

The fighting is intense and Cole, in typical Hollywood action hero style, decides to throw himself in between an advancing Z and Katrina...resulting in him missing his shot and the Z grabbing him. In the ensuing melee, the Z is dealt with but Cole is bitten on the arm!

Finally clearing the stairwell, Sam runs upstairs and using his 'stink-spray' becomes practically invisible to the remaining Z's on the upper level. He soon finds the required fuel and easily deals with the lone Z in the room.

Cole and Victor stay at the bottom of the stairs to secure the area. By this point Cole is a little groggy from his bite and has used up all his ammo. Victor has two shots left in his shotgun but hands Cole his 9mm Auto. After a few more Z attacks, Victor hefts his newly found sledgehammer. Cole is starting to look a little worse for wear...

Katrina meanwhile, runs upstairs to assist Sam...

Who is apparently doing perfectly okay on his own. Seeing he has the fuel, she decides to secure the Security room.

Katrina has also found another pistol. She also finds a Medical pack, which he quickly hands over to Sam, barking instructions to rush it down to the sickly may just save him if he is in time?

Katrina ducks back into the Security room, ready for the boys to kick the generator into action. Cole rushes upstairs when he hears Sam calling for him and the doctor administers the treatment from the Med pack, saving Cole at the last minute!

At this point is was all effectively over bar the odd random Z wandering about. Success for the heroes!*

All in all a great game. Very simple to pick up but you really have to think tactically about your moves and positioning. It reminds me (a little) of the excellent old Aliens boardgame by Leading Edge.

The introductory comic book story for each scenario is a nice touch to give a sense of context to what you are doing in the game. 

A straightforward Action Point system allows you many options and there is enough variety in the characters to make them each valuable for different tasks. The 'AI' for the Z's works well and the 'smell distance' mechanic is great fun and can catch you out with that classic Zombie 'lunge' as they speed up when they are in grabbing distance!

This is very much a co-operative game. Go it alone at you own peril! 

There are a few tense moments in the game too. Being swarmed by the Z's is pretty bad news and being bitten by them is not advised! Cole came dangerously close to succumbing to his bite wound after his stupidly heroic action to put himself between a lunging Z and Katrina. Good job she found a Med pack as another couple of turns may have put him on the Z side...and Rob doesn't have the Z version of the Cole figure yet...

Good game and cannot wait to play the next episode of the story.

*No Chicken Curries were found during this adventure.

Repost from Level 2.

Game and figures all by Dice Sports. Owned and painted by Robafett.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Band of Zombies.

Eden Studios launched a 'Kickstarter' campaign in support of a new book for their All Flesh Must Be Eaten range called "Band of Zombies".

"We few, we rotting few, we band of zombies;
For he today that eats his flesh with me
Shall be a zombie; be he e'er so vile..."

...a grayish blur launched from the shadows. Alexei went down quickly, his throat torn out in one swipe of a black claw. He clawed at the gaping wound in his throat, gurgled, and lay still.Yuri fired a shot, point-blank range, into the thing’s head. It hit the ground and twitched, then lay still. A low growl came from the shadows and three more of the monsters lumbered forth. Movement to Yuri’s left drew his gaze; the creature he’d shot was sitting up, black blood pouring down between its eyes. The four creatures closed in just as the booming roar of a renewed German shelling attack sounded in the distance.

Yuri began to scream.

Band of Zombies is the new World War II sourcebook for the All Flesh Must Be Eaten RPG, and it is positively packed with new surprises. Inside you will find:
• New Qualities, Drawbacks, Inspired Miracles, and Zombie Aspects
• Detailed Rules for Dogfighting and Naval Combat
• Rules for Shell Shock, Combat Stress, and Madness
• New gear, from guns to aircraft to naval vessels to tanks
• Mass Combat rules
• The first (optional) tactical miniatures skirmish rules for the Unisystem!
• The first complete and detailed campaign setting for All Flesh Must Be Eaten. Different types of Zombies the world over, all tied to the exact same Rise Event, create a worldwide plague of undead during the Greatest War.
• Advice on running campaigns in World War II, from fire teams to commando squads, to SOE operatives behind enemy lines.
• And more!

So strap on your rucksack, hoist your SMG, keep your socks dry, and for cripes' sake, Private, don't forget the call sign! When they come shambling out of the dark, will you stand tall or join the armies of the dead?

Wednesday, 17 October 2012