Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Making Bases

The resin bases (grey ones) are bought off ebay, around 40p each from Fenris Games

The others are a mix. Regardless I have taken a standard base and levelled it off with wall filler or equivalent. Once dry I level it out. Then either top with fine sand and paint as ash felt, or I carve, with a modelling tool, some lines to look like paving stone, cost is minimal per base.

Alternatively I have used my electric modelling drill with a engraving attachment to produce irregular flag stones, but this is perhaps more useful for basing dungeon creatures as it creates an irregular look.

Monday, 27 June 2011


Check out Zombietown, a great website with plenty of modelling ideas with many based on the 'Plasticville' range from Dark House Games.

Pictures from the Zombietown website - very inspiring!

Unpainted Zombies 1

A quick pic of the Zombie Master's next batch of zombies awaiting a paint job...
Nice touch on the bases there Andrew!

New buildings...

Just got these is the post today from Dark House Games! They are a very simple construction, kind of 'click & snap' and require little or no work - they are a bit flimsy without a dab of glue. They are very plain (two colour plastic) and need a paint job but to be honest you could probably use them as is. I picked up these two to check them out and I must say I am pretty happy with them. They are ideal for most modern periods and a reasonable scale to match 28mm miniatures.
'Hanger' and 'Cathedral'.

Close up of the 'Cathedral' - makes a very nice small church.

The 'Hanger'. Leutnant Dreher and J├Ąger Krause secure the perimeter...

There is quite a selection of these and the prices are very reasonable for what is in effect an immediately useable building. I have seen several of these used by other Zombie wargame bloggers so many thanks to you!

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Painted Zombies 1

2 Studio miniatures zombies, a bit experimental as based off of light grey flesh.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Akula Zombie Rules

A good set of short usable free rules at:-

A lot of other rules linked from:- Frothers Rules

And a nice link on how to do terrain etc:- Urban Terrain

Blog Name

Suggest we retitle the Blog.

It can't happen here.

The zombie event in a green and pleasent land

Wargaming facilitates real zombie attack planning?

In light of the recent wargames illustrated article on the use of wargaming to understand historic battles is there now an arguement for the use of zombie gaming to help with planning against a potential zombie uprisng?

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Old Zombies...

Could not resist putting a picture of these guys on here. Digging around my old miniatures collection I found these fellas from the early 1980's Citadel range. I was looking at Collecting Citadel Miniatures and hadn't realised how many variations there were on these figures.
Anyway, here are my small group, terribly painted (hey, it was a long while ago!) for the hell of it...

One thing is that these figures are very small compared to a lot of modern minis and some have a real fantasy look so I am not sure how useable they are. Vampifan has some nicely based and painted examples here, so perhaps there is a way!

First Post...

We (Andrew the Zombie Master and I) have decided to start a project for a zombie wargame at some point in the future. We are both a little obsessed with the genre and Andrew has already been collecting zombie miniatures for a while. Decided to set up this blog as a diary to record our progress.
No rules agreed on yet but I am definately leaning towards the All Things Zombie: Better Dead Than Zed rules as I fancy a campaign aspect to it and have already bought all the books! I also picked up the No More Room In Hell rules by Iron Ivan Games but have yet to read them. Andrew likes the look of Ambush Z by Ambush Alley too.
All Things Zombie

No More Room...

Ambush Z

Of course there are a myriad of other options out there but we will look at these first!